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Tel: 020 4128 3608  |  Email: danielledevinck@gmail.com


Meet The Chef

Dany has been chefing intuitively for over 30 years. Learning from her grandmother how to forage and use herbs and kai (maori word for food) of the land, she continues to make use of the seasons' bounties to create outstanding, flavoursome dishes.

Orginally from Belgium where her passion for cooking began, she very quickly embraced the many local ingredients that Otago is so well-known for.

Having opened the local 1908 Café in Portobello, Cheffed for Fleur (Olivers and Chez Fleur), Dany is now your very own Chef At Home.


Tel: 020 4128 3608  |  

Email: danielledevinck@gmail.com


At Your Service

Tel: 020 4128 3608 |  Email: danielledevinck@gmail.com


Tell me a little about you so I can begin the creation process



Farm and Sea to Table

Gurnard with creamy capers and leeks

Moana basket

Filet of Salmon open lasagna

Duck breast with date syrup and rhubarb compote

Cream of smoked chicken tagliolini with confetti of roasted capsicum

Ratatouille cimbale

Linguine with pumkin, walnut and baby blue Evandale cream sauce

Gnocchi with feta, spinach and parmesan

Venisson scallopini with spicy camarelised rhubarb

Classic ribeye with 3 sauces


Please refer to the menu.

A Sneak Peak of the
New Summer Menu

Wonderul chef!

Bev Ritchie, Portobello

I had the pleasure of attending a 4-course dinner made by Dany it was

so delicious. Everything looked and tasted beautiful.

Carmen Dickson, Portobello

Super chef !!! but so far away from Belgium.... unfortunately.

Great opportunity for kiwis. Taste it and enjoy.

Anna Moore, Owner, Hewereka Eco-Retreat, Portobello

Our guests are always thrilled to be served by Chef At Home

when staying at Hereweka Eco-Retreat. It is both a treat and

a nourishing experience.

Damien Dubois, Chef, Belgium

the Bellerts, USA

Beautiful Food and fab lady!

Merci pour la recette, c'est super!

Denis et Sylvie, France

Encore une fois, mille mercis!!

Irene & Tom, Ireland

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